How to make a cancelled cheque


Ever been asked to provide a cancelled cheque and wondered why or how? You’re not alone! Cancelled cheques are a staple in financial transactions, yet many people are unsure about their purpose and how to make one. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about how to make a cancelled cheque , ensuring you’re well-prepared for any financial situation that requires one.

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What is a Cancelled Cheque?

A cancelled cheque is a cheque that has been crossed with the word “Cancelled” across it. This cheque is not meant for any transactions but serves as proof of your bank account details. It contains crucial information like your account number, branch name, and the MICR code.

When Do You Need a Cancelled Cheque?

Setting Up Direct Deposit

When you start a new job, employers often ask for a cancelled cheque to set up direct deposits for your salary. This ensures your salary gets credited directly to your account.

Automatic Loan Payments

Banks and financial institutions require a cancelled cheque to set up automatic loan repayments. It ensures that your EMI payments are deducted directly from your account.

KYC Processes

Know Your Customer (KYC) processes often necessitate a cancelled cheque to verify your bank account details when opening a new account or applying for financial products.

Steps to Create a Cancelled Cheque

Step 1: Select the Cheque

Choose a fresh cheque from your cheque book. Ensure it’s not a cheque you’ve used before or intend to use for transactions.

Step 2: Write “Cancelled” Across the Cheque

Take a pen and write “Cancelled” across the cheque in large, legible letters. Ensure it covers most of the cheque without obscuring crucial details like the account number and bank details.

Step 3: Do Not Sign the Cheque

Unlike regular cheques, a cancelled cheque should not be signed. Your signature could be misused if the cheque falls into the wrong hands.

Step 4: Record Keeping

Make a note of the cancelled cheque for your records. It’s good practice to keep a record of all financial documents.

Detailed Explanation of Each Step

Choosing the Right Cheque

Always use a new cheque from your cheque book. Avoid using cheques that have been filled out or damaged.

Writing “Cancelled” Correctly

Use a pen with dark ink, preferably blue or black, to write “Cancelled.” The letters should be large enough to cover the cheque but should not obscure essential details.

Why You Shouldn’t Sign

A signature on a cancelled cheque can be risky. It could be misused for fraudulent activities. Always avoid signing a cancelled cheque.

Safekeeping Your Cancelled Cheque

Store your cancelled cheque safely. Avoid leaving it lying around where it can be accessed by unauthorized persons.

Precautions While Creating a Cancelled Cheque

Avoiding Fraud

Be cautious and ensure that the cancelled cheque is not used for any transactions. It should strictly be used for verification purposes.

Ensuring Privacy

Your cancelled cheque contains sensitive information. Handle it with care to prevent any misuse of your bank details.

Double-Checking Information

Before handing over your cancelled cheque, double-check to ensure all the details are correct and the cheque is properly marked as cancelled.

Alternatives to a Cancelled Cheque

Bank Verification Letter

A bank verification letter serves a similar purpose as a cancelled cheque. It is an official document from your bank that verifies your account details.

Account Information Form

Some institutions may accept an account information form, which includes all necessary bank details and is often certified by your bank.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Signing the Cheque

Never sign a cancelled cheque. It’s a common mistake that can lead to misuse.

Providing an Incorrect Cheque

Ensure the cheque you provide is valid and correctly cancelled. An incorrect cheque could lead to delays and complications.

Misplacing the Cancelled Cheque

Keep your cancelled cheque secure. Misplacing it can result in your bank details being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

The Role of Cancelled Cheques in Financial Security

Cancelled cheques play a crucial role in financial security by preventing unauthorized transactions. They verify your bank account information without allowing any transactions.

FAQs About Cancelled Cheques

What Happens If I Sign a Cancelled Cheque?

Signing a cancelled cheque can be risky as it can be misused for fraudulent activities. Always avoid signing a cancelled cheque.

Can I Use a Photocopy of a Cancelled Cheque?

It’s best to use the original cancelled cheque. Some institutions may not accept photocopies due to security concerns.

Is a Cancelled Cheque Valid Forever?

A cancelled cheque can be used as long as the account details remain the same. However, it’s good practice to use a recently cancelled cheque for verification.

What If I Don’t Have a Cheque Book?

If you don’t have a cheque book, you can request a bank verification letter or use an account information form from your bank.

How Do Banks Verify Cancelled Cheques?

Banks verify the details on the cancelled cheque against their records to ensure accuracy and prevent fraud.


Creating a cancelled cheque is a simple yet essential task in many financial processes. By understanding the steps and precautions involved, you can ensure your financial transactions are secure and efficient. Whether it’s for setting up direct deposits, loan payments, or KYC processes, knowing how to make a cancelled cheque will keep you prepared.

Unique FAQs After the Conclusion

  1. Can a Cancelled Cheque Be Used for Opening a New Bank Account?

Yes, a cancelled cheque can be used to verify your bank account details when opening a new bank account.

  1. What Should I Do If I Lose a Cancelled Cheque?

If you lose a cancelled cheque, inform your bank immediately and request a new cheque book. Ensure that the lost cheque cannot be misused.

  1. Can I Cancel a Cheque That Has Already Been Issued?

Once a cheque is issued and signed, it cannot be simply cancelled by writing “Cancelled” on it. You would need to contact your bank to stop the payment.

  1. Are Cancelled Cheques Required for Setting Up Online Banking?

Not typically. Online banking setup usually requires different verification methods, though a cancelled cheque might be needed for specific services.

  1. Can a Cancelled Cheque Be Reused?

A cancelled cheque is generally used once for verification purposes. It’s best to use a new cheque each time you need to provide account verification.

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