Best BL Manga to Read in 2024

BL (Boys’ Love) manga, a genre focused on romantic relationships between male characters, has captivated readers globally with its emotional depth and compelling narratives. As we step into 2024, let’s dive into some of the best BL manga that you absolutely must add to your reading list.

Best BL Manga to Read in 2024

“Given” by Natsuki Kizu

Plot Overview

“Given” tells the story of a high school student, Ritsuka Uenoyama, who meets a mysterious boy, Mafuyu Sato, holding a broken guitar. Their connection deepens as they form a band together, navigating the complexities of their emotions and past traumas.

What Makes It a Must-Read

“Given” stands out with its beautifully crafted story that blends music and romance seamlessly. The characters’ development and the portrayal of their struggles resonate deeply with readers, making it a poignant and unforgettable read.

“Ten Count” by Rihito Takarai

Plot Overview

“Ten Count” revolves around Shirotani, a man with mysophobia (fear of germs), and Kurose, a therapist who offers to help him overcome his condition. As their relationship evolves from professional to personal, the story explores themes of healing and love.

The Appeal of “Ten Count”

The psychological depth and emotional intimacy in “Ten Count” make it a standout. Rihito Takarai’s sensitive portrayal of mental health issues alongside a slow-burning romance captivates and moves its audience.

“Yarichin Bitch Club” by Ogeretsu Tanaka

Plot Overview

In the seemingly ordinary Morimori Academy, the Photography Club is a front for a group of boys with a unique and explicit hobby. New student Takashi joins, unaware of what he’s getting into, leading to humorous and unexpected situations.

Unique Aspects

“Yarichin Bitch Club” is known for its bold and unapologetic approach to sexual themes, combined with comedic elements. It pushes boundaries and provides a refreshing take on BL manga, making it both entertaining and provocative.

“Sasaki and Miyano” by Shou Harusono

Plot Overview

Miyano, a BL fanboy, finds himself growing close to his senior, Sasaki, who takes an interest in Miyano’s hobby. Their friendship gradually evolves into something deeper, filled with heartwarming moments and genuine affection.

Character Dynamics

The slow-paced and tender development of Sasaki and Miyano’s relationship is its charm. The manga’s focus on mutual respect and understanding makes their story relatable and endearing.

“Love Stage!!” by Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou

Plot Overview

Izumi Sena, born into a showbiz family, has no interest in the entertainment industry. However, he ends up starring in a commercial and reconnects with Ryoma Ichijo, a popular actor who has been in love with him since childhood.

Why Fans Love It

“Love Stage!!” is adored for its humor, engaging storyline, and dynamic characters. The blend of romance and comedy, along with the challenges of fame and identity, makes it a delightful read.

New and Upcoming BL Manga for 2024

“Cherry Blossoms After Winter” by Bamwoo

Plot Overview

Haebom and Taesung have lived together since their parents passed away. Their relationship evolves from friendship to love as they navigate high school life and their deepening feelings for each other.

Anticipated Reception

With its touching narrative and well-drawn characters, “Cherry Blossoms After Winter” is anticipated to be a hit among BL fans, offering a heartwarming and tender love story.

“Blue Sky Complex” by Kei Ichikawa

Plot Overview

Narasaki, a quiet high school student, and Terashima, a delinquent, start spending time together in the library. Their unlikely friendship blossoms into a heartfelt romance, overcoming societal expectations and personal fears.

What to Expect

“Blue Sky Complex” promises a beautifully told story with intricate character development, highlighting the journey from friendship to romance.

“Candy Color Paradox” by Isaku Natsume

Plot Overview

Reporter Onoe and photographer Kaburagi are assigned to work together despite their initial dislike for each other. Their professional rivalry slowly turns into a deep, passionate romance.

Unique Elements

The dynamic between the protagonists, filled with banter and gradual mutual understanding, adds a unique charm to “Candy Color Paradox,” making it a must-read.

“Hitorijime My Hero” by Memeco Arii

Plot Overview

Masahiro Setagawa, a high school delinquent, finds himself under the protection of Kousuke Ohshiba, a teacher and street fighter. Their bond grows stronger as they face various challenges together.

Fandom Popularity

“Hitorijime My Hero” is beloved for its strong characters and the heartfelt connection between Masahiro and Kousuke, making it a favorite among BL enthusiasts.

“Escape Journey” by Ogeretsu Tanaka

Plot Overview

Naoto and Taichi, former high school lovers, reunite in college. Their rekindled relationship is tested by past hurts and new challenges, exploring the complexities of love and forgiveness.

Reader Expectations

“Escape Journey” is expected to resonate with readers for its realistic portrayal of relationships and emotional depth, making it a compelling read.

Why You Should Read BL Manga

Exploring Different Perspectives

BL manga provides a unique lens to explore diverse narratives and relationships, offering readers a chance to see the world through different eyes.

Emotional and Romantic Depth

The emotional intensity and romantic depth in BL stories often surpass that of other genres, delivering powerful and heartfelt narratives.

Artistic Expression

BL manga is renowned for its beautiful artwork and artistic storytelling, adding a visual delight to the engaging plots.


Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the genre, 2024 promises a fantastic array of BL manga that cater to all tastes. From heartwarming tales to bold narratives, these stories offer a rich tapestry of love, challenges, and emotional journeys.


What does BL stand for in manga?

BL stands for “Boys’ Love,” a genre that focuses on romantic and emotional relationships between male characters.

Are there BL manga with happy endings?

Yes, many BL manga feature happy endings, though the journey to get there can be filled with various challenges and emotional moments.

Can newcomers to manga enjoy BL stories?

Absolutely! BL manga offers a wide range of stories that can appeal to both newcomers and seasoned manga readers.

How is BL manga different from other romance genres?

BL manga specifically focuses on male-male relationships, often exploring themes and dynamics unique to those relationships, setting it apart from other romance genres.

Where can I find and read BL manga?

BL manga can be found in bookstores, online retailers, and various digital platforms dedicated to manga. Websites like Crunchyroll and ComiXology offer extensive collections for readers.

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